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Spinach / पालक

Spinach / पालक

₹335.00 ₹320.00 1 pc (appx. 250-400g)
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    Product Code: Spinach / पालक
    Spinach or Palak is very famous and well known edible flowering plant all over the world for its amazing benefits. It is a leafy vegetable, belongs to the Amaranthaceae family and locally found in the central and southwestern Asia. It is biennial plant and grows in both summer and winter seasons. Spinach was originated in the ancient Persia which was carried to India by the Arab traders. 
    Benefits: Prevents Cancerous Cells Division, Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer, Reduces Risk of Many Health Disorders, Reduces Risk of Age-Related Eye Disorders, Promotes Proper Growth and Development of Bones, Stimulates Bone Protein, Good Source of Bone-Supportive Nutrients, Contains Low Calorie and High Nutrients, Protects from Early Ageing, Heart-Healthy Food, Maintains Blood Pressure, Maintains Gastrointestinal Health, Relieves Inflammation, Maintains Brain Functioning, Fulfills Iron Requirement,  
    Maintains Blood Sugar Level, Strengthens Body Immunity, Relieves Constipation, Prevents from Osteoporosis and Anemia, Prevents from Alzheimer’s Disease, Rich Source of Minerals and Vitamins.

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