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Ladies Finger / भेंडी

Ladies Finger / भेंडी

₹328.00 ₹319.00 250 g
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    Product Code: Ladies Finger / भेंडी

    Lady’s Finger or Okra is commonly famous by the name Bhindi all over India. It is a very cheap and simply found green vegetable having a great source of the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and other healthy nutrients required for the normal growth and development of the body. It is widely cultivated in the tropical, subtropical and other warm regions of the world. Some people like it eating raw as it tastes good. It is widely known for its availability of high level soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.
    Benefits: Lady’s finger or bhindi is an amazing health nourishing green vegetable beneficial for weight management, cholesterol and blood sugar level regulation, flawless skin, bone strength, cancer protection and so many. It is a vegetable of high importance because of its high fiber content, folates, antioxidant property. It Prevents Colon Cancer, Manages Blood Glucose Level, Fights Diabetic Symptom, Promotes Healthy Functioning of Digestive System, Relieves Chronic Constipation, Regularizes Bowel Movements.

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