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DFF Cleaning

DFF Cleaning

 DFramFresh (DFF) Cleaning is a method of cleaning of vegetables and fruits by “Dual Cleaning Process” with Bio Cleaning liquid + Ozonisation. DFF also ensures the packaging of vegetables and fruits by a food grade material.

1. Dual Cleaning Process

Dual Process of cleaning with Patented Liquid Solution +Ozonation cleaning technology for Removing Pesticides and Microbes from Fruits and Vegetables which also leads to extend their Shelf-Life.
Now a day’s fruits and vegetables are trimmed with insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals. These can be harmful for us and cause several hazardous diseases like cancer and lung/liver/ kidney ailments.
Rinsing of fruits and vegetables with tap water is not enough to remove impurities.
For this reason, DFF introduces a specialized “Dual Cleaning process” of Bioclean liquid cleaning + Ozonator technology to remove viruses, pesticides, insecticides, fungus, and bacteria.
We would like to introduce our Patented liquid washing solutions for removing chemicals, pesticides, pathogens and other foreign materials from Fruits, Vegetables, and Seedlings, resulting in extending their shelf-life and rendering it completely safe for consumption. The composition of this formulation is developed from natural, biodegradable food grade materials with regulatory certifications. 
The strength of our product lies in the fact that it: 
  • Ozone Disinfection Technology, which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens present on the food items that may lead to foodborne diseases.
  • Effectively oxidizes the residual chemicals and cleans the antibiotics from the surface of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood to make it safe for consumption.
  • Is 100% Organic and Evergreen Liquid cleaning process.
  • Extends shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Does not hamper taste of the fruit/vegetable.

Dual cleaning process advantages:-
  • Preserve fruits and veg for the longer time, Remove odour from fridge, rooms etc.
  • Purify fruits and vegetables, Disinfect and deodorize chicken, fish and other meat products
  • Purify Vegetable And Fruits
  • Remove Bacteria
  • Helps in cleaning antibiotics and hormones that invariably remain in meat, fish and other seafood's.

2. Bio Cleaning Liquid Process
*You are What you Eat!
Two major things have gone wrong in our food system after the green revolution:

1. Things that should not be present are present – Pesticides.

2. Things that should be present are not present – Enough Nutrition.

*Why We Do BioCleaning?
There will be the tremendous loss of Food Crop by pest attack and spray.
  • If it’s not safe to breathe... How is it safe to Eat
  • Pesticide poisoning is a serious health problem.
  • Our washing produce removes pesticides.
Our Solution: How it works?
  • We add the amount of product liquid in water.
  • Then We Soak and rub all fruits and vegetables.
  • After 2minutes it consumes directly.
Value Proposition :-
A Bio-cleaning washing formulation for fruits and vegetables which
  • Eliminates 99% of pathogens
  • Removes pesticides chemical residue
  • No rewash requires, saves water! 

3. Ozonization Cleaning Process
The ozone emitted by the home devices is infused into the water where the fruits and vegetables are placed. The ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent may destroy bacteria and the pesticides on the surface of the fruits and vegetables by its oxidizing-reduction action. What we worried is the leaks of ozone which is triple oxygen molecule (O3) into the air when the machine is in use. 
Ozone from its molecular structure is highly unstable and chemically very reactive as it breaks down into the much more stable oxygen (O2). The highly reactive singlet oxygen (O+) which is also liberated is a very powerful and damaging free radical to the lungs and body when inhaled.
In short, ozone is highly toxic, probably more damaging to health than the trace amounts of pesticides in the food, fruits, and vegetables it is trying to clean up. 

How is Ozonization Cleaning process helpful?
  • Ozonization Cleaning Process has a high oxidizing ability, which is effective for disinfecting and sterilizing.   
  • It can kill most bacteria in the water or in the air. It is accepted as a wide effective disinfectant and antiseptic.
  • Ozone is an important component of our atmosphere. Our atmosphere contains 0.01ppm-0.04ppm of ozone which balances the level of bacteria and mildew in nature.
  • Ozone is also created electrically in nature during active thunderstorms. The electrical discharge creates the positive sweet smell that we understand as clean fresh air.
  • The molecule of ozone is inherently unstable and tries to break down into the oxygen molecule as quickly as possible, this is what makes ozone such a great air and water cleanser.
  • The ozone molecules need to combine with something in order to break down, so they end oxidizing organic compounds and turn them into harmless carbon dioxide and water.
  • Because ozone quickly breaks down into oxygen, it is considerably less toxic than disinfectant chemicals like chlorine hence it has been called the cleanest oxidizer and disinfector.
  • Effectively oxidizes residual chemicals and bacteria from the surface of vegetables and fruits.



4. DFF Packing
Packing is an important consideration in vegetable and fruit market. The use of properly designed containers for transporting and marketing of vegetables can significantly reduce their losses and maintain their freshness succulence and quality for the longer period. Packing also provides protection from mechanical damage and undesirable physiological changes and pathological deterioration during storage, transportation and marketing.
Many vegetables are transported in gunny bags of bamboo baskets. Packaging material such as polyethylene films, paper boars, and boxes lined with polythene and other materials can effectively prolong the shelf life of vegetables.

In case of Brinjal and Cauliflower, thick films were found to develop off-flavor whereas thin and gas permeable films maintained Cauliflower for the longer period and Okra fruits could last for nine days without deterioration and quality.
The packaging of vegetables in perforated films significantly reduces weight and water loss in transportation. Ex. Carrot.
We are using plastic films by which vegetables can be protected from dry air.

Advantages of DFF Packing:

1.  They are light in weight.
2.  They do not cause damage to fruits and vegetables.
3.  They are easy to handle and print. 
4.  They improve the product image. 
5.  They reduce the fright cost.


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