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Brinjal Varikatri / काटेरी वांगी

Brinjal Varikatri / काटेरी वांगी

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    Product Code: Brinjal Varikatri / काटेरी वांगी
    Brinjal Varikatri is a striped variety of brinjal and has white-purple stripes on its external skin. It usually has a mild pleasantly bitter taste. It is rich in B-complex vitamins especially Thiamin & B6 and contains small amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, & Vitamin K. It is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. It contains many necessary minerals especially potassium & manganese and also contains fine water content. 
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    Benefits: Brinjals are capable of improving the flexibility of blood vessels, resulting in improved blood circulation. It helps in keeping blood sugar under control, lowering cholesterol, improving the digestive system and assisting weight management. They are found to be good for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair due to good water content

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