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Coconut Cookies (Milkmade)

Coconut Cookies (Milkmade)

₹100.00 1 pc (250g)
  • 2 pc (500g) ₹79.00
  • In Stock

    Brand: Milkmade
    Product Code: Coconut Cookies(Milkmade)
    A delicious coconut  cookie with the rich and intense flavour of milk! Coconut Milk Cookies are made using a simple procedure and minimal ingredients, making it a perfect.These cookies are full of fiber, and they stocked full of clean protein and healthy fats. Unlike other cookies, they are low carb. Plus, the ingredients will help to regulate and stabilize blood sugar. They also help to burn fat.
    If you are on an autoimmune nutrition plan, you should avoid using the sunflower seeds. You can replace the seeds with extra coconut flakes. Coconut flakes help to burn fat and fuel the brain and body. This is because they full of medium chain fats that our body needs. Not to mention, they are a good source of fiber for your microbiome.

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