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Salty Butter Cookies (Milkmade)

Salty Butter Cookies (Milkmade)

₹440.00 1 pc (250g)
  • 2 pc (500g) ₹879.00
  • In Stock

    Brand: Milkmade
    Product Code: Salty Butter Cookies (Milkmade)
    Salty Butter cookies are full of fiber, and they stocked full of clean protein and healthy fats. Indians are love bakery butter biscuits. Some might not eat a cake but will never say no to a cookie. Trust me on this. Especially if its butter biscuits. These cookies are the real deal. These are the cookies that we love to eat all the time. These cookies are the true spirit of the French Normandy Sable cookies. They are so good and elegant with crispy exterior, tender interior and a bite full of buttery goodness. One bite and its so nostalgic

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