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Atros - About us

Atros - About us


Aqua Tech RO Systems Private Limited, Started working in 2004 by experienced water treatment technocrats andengineering professionals to apply new technology of ADVANCE ION EXCHANGE,MEMBRANE AND ULTRA FILTRATION to domestic and industrial processing, water andwaste water purification and pollution control.

Aqua Tech works in Domestic,Commercial and Industrial RO Systems. The company also manufactures packaged ROsystems for ground, bore well, well, river and tap water applications instandard capacities of portable water production.

Aqua Tech is ISO 9001:2008 certifiedfor its Quality Management System and Product Design, Development &Manufacturing, Supply, Installation and Service of RO Systems, Water Softeners,Water Treatment Plants for Domestic and Industrial Purpose.

Our Innovations

1) Automatic TDS Control (ATC) is adevice we developed for which patent is pending. ATC measures the pure waterTDS and facilitates in maintaining its TDS in the prescribed safe range.
2) Aqua Tech invented the computer controlled RO system technology whichfacilitates in filter change alarm, service alarm and UV damage indicators.
3) Aqua Tech is the pioneer in introducing the service alarm technology.
4) Aqua Tech is pioneer in introducing Program Flush (PF) technology indomestic water purifier systems.
5) Aqua Tech has copyright their unique designs of industrial waterpurification systems.


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