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eCommerce - Multi Vendor MarketplaceSoftware

 MapONN known for its best eCommerce app development services in India, provides customers with hassle-free Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software that skyrockets their eCommerce growth.

Multi-vendor platform development company soft suave

Multi-Vendor Platform

Our multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace software supports multiple vendors to set up their own stores and gives super admins control over all application settings including product catalogue customization.

Mobile Responsive multi-vendor marketplace development soft suave

Mobile Responsive

Our multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace application is designed to be responsive & compatible with all mobile devices. This makes it easy and convenient for sellers to list products and manage orders easily.

Online shopping cart development company soft suave

Online Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart in the eCommerce software helps in adding and managing items in the cart and is embedded with secure online & offline payment methods and facilitates applying discount coupon and guest checkout.

Branded Customer Mobile Apps - Our customer mobile app acts as a marketplace extension to improve revenues by enhancing user engagement and their buying/selling experience.

User-Friendly Design - Fast, intuitive & native mobile apps are designed feature-rich and user-friendly to make the customer experience satisfactory. Simplified shopping carts in our multi-vendor eCommerce software allows buyers to complete purchase seamlessly.

Instant Notification - The automated notification keeps the customers updated with everything that happens relating to them in the online marketplace with the help of our multi-vendor mobile application.

Common Marketplace Storefront - The products from the different vendors will be listed on one common multi vendor's marketplace to make it easier for the customers.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce - Multi-vendor marketplaces enjoy more stock and a higher number of happy customers. Adding& updating cart, tax & shipment calculation and guest checkout are made easier.

Advanced Shopping Cart - The shopping cart in our multi-vendor web application will have options to edit and manage the purchase history. Changing & modifying the users’ orders even after placing an order are enabled.

Advanced Application Settings - The super admin will have the overall control over the features in the multi-vendore Commerce software and enables them to make changes easily.

Vendor Management - Super admin has full control over the vendor activities and also gets a detailed overview of the vendors’ performance.

Customer Management - The admin can streamline the customers’ orders right from the order placement to delivery.

Advanced Dashboard and Reports - Our multi-vendor application shows advanced dashboards and reports to analyze the sales, revenue details, best-selling products, and much more happening through the platform.

Bulk Product Import / Export - The panel is enabled to do bulk product import & export easily, thus making the process more effective for the merchants.

Vendor Commission Management - Our multi-vendor application facilitates an auto-immediate payment system that instantly transfers and splits order amount into the admin commission &seller amount.





Why Choose Us For Your Online Business? 

MapONN Inc has a commanding experience in the eCommerce industry. The expert developers help businesses of all sizes implement creative Multi-vendor eCommerce solutions and online marketplace to accelerate growth and increase ROI instantly.

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