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RD's Home Page

RD's Home Page


RD’S INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTS & TAXATION based at Pune was founded on 4th July 2017, And IS ONE OF THE BEST INSTITUTE IN CAREER COMMERCE IN INDIA providing practical training and corporate required skills which is designed and run by group of very passionate, energetic and experienced Chartered Accountants who are into practice since last 10 years.

Everyone knows the value of the Accounting profession. This profession belongs to every type of business organization. Every business establishment always required an account professional. Bookish knowledge is not enough to do practical work in any type of business organization. If any person wants to learn practical accounts and taxation work properly, then it took around 5 to 7 years in normal circumstances, but we have developed a unique technique after research for training it comes to very shortest duration. Now our institute has specialization to train anyone in just 7 Months with 100% perfection. TheDirector of Institute CA. Rajendra Dangi himself with his team provides complete training.

Already said earlier, People are pursuing various degrees with the hope of securing a job. Most of them however remain unemployed because employers not finding them suitable to fill the vacancies. RD’s INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTS & TAXATION takes this humble effort towards bridging the gap. RD’s INSTITUTE is the place which provides special training and guidance and converts ordinary accountant into Professional Accounts Manager …. (PAM). The job training courses offered by RD’s INSTITUTE emphasize adequately on practical knowledge to bring smiles to the employers as well as the candidates seeking a job after studying at RD’s INSTITUTE.

At RD’sINSTITUTE, we create professional Accountants, who are not only ready to handle today’s complexities of taxation & accounting but also tomorrow’s challenges in the world of finance. Our PAMs are having edge and advantage in so many aspects on other regular accountants. They are complete and Professional Accounts Manager. We Are Probably the Only One Institute to Provide 100% job oriented Professional Courses with practical approach for better careers of young minds in companies thru Real LifeCorporate Projects. In the span of few years RD’S INSTITUTE is able to provide those practical skills, which even the best MBA colleges in Pune or best finance courses are not able to provide.

Each and every student is been nurtured in a unique way of giving simulation of real-life corporate accounting & finance work is so effective that after completion of the courses they will be ready to face any kind of challenge in the practical work field. Practical knowledge of what actually required at work is crucial for the grooming of competent Certified Professionals and practical knowledge can be imparted only by practitioner in real life situations.

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